Q&A with Fatima!

25 Feb

Hey Potential World Travelers!

Ever have questions about whether a semester or summer abroad is right for you? This week we’ll be posting videos of our study abroad advisor, Fatima Serra, debunking myths of the application process and beyond. Whether it’s money or course credit that concerns you, if Apple has an app for that, WE’VE got a vid for that!

Didn’t hear an answer to your question? E-mail me at s_cepican@salemstate.edu, and we’ll make sure we feature your question in a future segment!

Stay tuned!



Student Blogger: Bryn (South Korea)

23 Feb

When it comes to studying abroad, the options and well, adventures seem endless! Check out what Salem State student Bryn has to say about her experience this spring in South Korea at Yonsei University so far by reading her blog here. Bryn is a Senior at Salem State studying International Business.


Stay tuned for more student bloggers!


On-Site Bloggers: What’s on your iPod on travel day?

19 Jan

In an effort to get to know the Salem State University students studying abroad this spring, what better way to break the ice than asking what music will get them through the um-teen hour travel day before them? Sure there’s the in-flight entertainment and maybe a kind stranger asking the occasional question. After the dinner course has been served, however, the best thing on the flight is tuning out everything else and turning up your favorite jams!

This also gives you, the readers, the opportunity to see if you have something in common with an abroad student. If they have your taste in music, maybe reading their blog entries will be more interesting to you.

Alexandria (Florence, Italy, API):

The Basics: Junior at Salem State; studying Psychology

What on her iPod?:

“On travel day, I’ll definitely be listening to Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire and some Explosions in the Sky. I’m lucky enough to take my whole music collection; so I’ll try to avoid slow, sad songs to keep my worries about leaving home at a minimum.”

Great things to come!

14 Dec

After a great study abroad orientation yesterday evening, the GoAbroadSSU blog is pleased to announce that we are expecting several on-location student bloggers for the spring semester! Among the countries our bloggers will be touring:

South Korea

From CIE we wish them all the best of luck with their time abroad and look forward to hearing their stories and seeing their pictures and video!

The study abroad office has also been kicking around the idea of holding an essay/video contest each semester for our abroad students. The prize?  That brings me to our first poll…


Stay tuned!


GoAbroadSSU needs on location bloggers!

10 Dec

Salem State University students:

Considering going abroad or already been accepted to a spring or summer abroad program? The GoAbroadSSU blog is looking for on location bloggers! Tell us, and your peers, about:

Where you are.

What your doing.

Recommendations for anyone interested in traveling or studying in that country (i.e. food, sites, bars, and no-no’s).

Anything else…getting lost included.

All those interested please contact me at: s_cepican@salemstate.edu



Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

10 Dec


Welcome to Salem State University’s Study Abroad blog;  “GoAbroadSSU” Before we hand you a plane ticket and tell you to start packing, let us, first tell you a bit about who we are.

“Does she even go here?”

We are the Center for International Education (CIE), and, YES, we exist. Located on South campus across from the Harrington building (affectionately called “The Little Green House”). Our offices may be a bit out of the way for students not taking classes at South, but are easy to get to get to if you hop on one of the shuttles.

What we do:

We help students, like you, apply and prepare for an amazing cultural experience abroad. We also help students from other countries come to Salem State to study. Currently we have students enrolled from: China, Japan, Sweden, Africa, Brazil….

Why a blog?

We understand that, from an outside perspective, the study abroad process can appear intimidating. All of the forms and financial jargon, not to mention finding the right country and program, are certainly enough to discourage any student. This blog is aimed at not only demystifying the application process, but providing you with program information, and student testimonials in order to find the best option.

In addition, this blog may be used as a travel companion. Don’t be turned off just yet. These won’t be your grandma’s travel suggestions! The articles we post are written by students  and cover a wide variety of topics including: site-seeing, best clubs/nightlife, tips on budgeting and packing while abroad, and maybe even a poll or two to see what country you think has the: best beer,  food, most attractive people, etc.

Who am I?

My name is Samantha Cepican. I’m a senior at Salem State majoring in Communications (public relations) with a minor in Spanish. Before coming to work at CIE, I not only studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for six months, but had the opportunity of traveling/performing for two years with the international Disney on Ice production: High School Musical: The Ice Tour (’07-’09). I’m addicted to travel and love helping other students throughout their study abroad experience.

If you have any questions regarding study abroad or have studied abroad and would like to propose an article/submit photos or videos, please feel free to e-mail me at: s_cepican@salemstate.edu.